Palko Project || Introduction

We are pleased to introduce you to Drew and Katelyn Palko. They are a young couple on an exciting journey of fixing up their first home. Below is a quick glimpse into who they are and what projects they have in the works to help them #LoveTheRoom.


Tell us about yourselves

"We are Drew and Katelyn Palko. We met in elementary school and never would have imagined that 12 years later, a spontaneous hot air balloon ride would lead to our engagement and a wedding 6 months later!  We have two beautiful and wild little ones, Noah and River. Family is everything to us. We are wildly passionate about God, worship, music, and design. "


What is your house like?

"We just bought our first home in Virginia Beach where we are excited to make memories… but our new dream home comes with its challenges, in fact many challenges, most of which are totally new to us… This is where the new chapter of our story begins and the real memories are made.  We are diving in to a total home remodel with nothing but guts, grace, and blissful ignorance backing us." 


What are your plans for the house?

"We will try new things, messing up (a lot) and repairing along the way, but we are not afraid…  We will capture the moments most precious to us, and bravely share those most embarrassing!"


Upcoming Projects

  • Stairway
  • Living Room
  • Kid's Play Room
  • Plus many more projects

Tune in for more updates on this family's transformation of a house into a home!