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We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Cori and Sam Werrell of Werrell Woodworks. They are SUPER AWESOME people that create beautiful pieces of art for the home. We are proud to partner with them to help people LOVE THE ROOM! We have some exciting projects coming up with them. Until then, here is a brief introduction to them.

What is Werrell Woodworks?

Cori, "We are a hand made home decor store that specializes in custom furniture, tables, wall art, breakfast trays and trinkets."

How did you start up?

Sam, "We started on the small back balcony of our apartment and made a piece for ourselves because we had a huge empty wall and we made a piece for a friend of ours and here we are a year and a half later."

How would you describe your design style?

Cori, "If someone were to ask what our style is I would probably have to say geometric and tribal inspired."

Sam, "And color palette ranges everything from beachy to almost ultra modern."  

What inspires your designs?

Sam, "Our designs are inspired from cool flooring and interesting textile prints. And even the colors inspired from natural elements like water and even cool things like slate and marble."

What is your spirit animal?

Cori, "My spirit animal would totally be a fish because I have always been obsessed with the ocean."

Sam, "Like a rainbow fish...I would be a white Bengal tiger because if I could where white everyday and get away with it, I totally would, but Cori won't let me."

Cori, "No way."

What is in the works for 2018?

Cori, "2018 has been AWESOME! We are already looking to expand our retail location."

Sam, "And we are adding a bunch of new items for bars and restaurants. We also are expanding our home furniture line."

Do you have any good jokes?

Cori, "Hey Sam knock knock!"

Sam, "Who's there?"

Cori, "Cow"

Sam, "Cow who"


Sam, "Hahahah...Okay, alright how do you kill a vegan vampire?"

Cori, "I don't know."

Sam, "With a steak to the heart! Hahahaha!"


Werrell Woodworks

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